Druid Moon: Cantlos

Preparation: candle, a vessel with water, a symbol of a tree, offerings, items required for the working.


[Light the candle and add silver to the cup of water.]

Take a breath and put aside any tensions from the mundane world. Know this space is made sacred because we gather here in ritual.

Earth Mother

Earth Mother
Nearest and dearest to us
May we remember your gifts
And seek to bless you in return.
Earth Mother, join us and be warmed by this good fire.


We call to Cernunnos to aid us in this ritual.
Cernunnos, Godden of liminality,
Join us and be warmed by this good fire.

Aid us and help send our offerings to the otherworld.

Opening the Ways

As we move into ritual space and ritual time,
Know that this world reflects the otherworld.
So may this fire become the cosmic fire
May this water become the cosmic well
May this tree become the world tree.
And may our offerings be transformed to spirit.

Kindred Invocations

Ancestors who came before,
Join us and be warmed by this good fire.

Nature Spirits, with whom we share this world,
Join us and be warmed by this good fire.

Shining Ones, wise and mighty,
Join us and be warmed by this good fire.

Key Offerings

We call now to the Beings of the Occasion, those Patrons of our rite whom we worship at the heart of ritual.

Ogmios Invocation

God of eloquence, Ogmios, 
Keeper of the powers of persuasion, 
You who are the model of the warrior,
You who cut with wit,
You who bind through speech,
Magician, Sage, and Strongman.
Honey-Mouthed One 
Who carries light chains of amber and gold
Your followers are joyous 
Your power unconquerable
Ogmios, god of the wisdom of words,
Accept this offering.

Hail Ogmios!

Gobannos Invocation

Gobannos, Smith God, 
God of many crafts, but best in metal,
Weaponsmith and Architect,
World-Traveler who has learned much, 
You carry the bronze cauldron with you, 
You give of your wealth in hospitality, 
You make the drink of the gods,
Clever and gifted craftsman,
God of the magic of the forge’s fire, 
Accept this offering. 

Hail Gabannos!


Let us now take an omen to receive blessings from our Patrons, which will inform our working.
[Take omen.]


Having received these blessings, may these Patrons now aid us in our working.

Calling for Inspiration, inspired from  3CG Breviary

I call now to these gods of inspiration
I call to the cauldron and the forge fire
I call to the powers of persuasion

May the magic of choice words
Follow like honey from my tongue
May my eloquence catch others’ ears and hearts.

May the magic of the forge’s fire
Spark creativity in my mind
May my gifts be wholesome and nourishing for others. 

Thanking the Kindreds

To the Patrons of this rite, for being with us and receiving our offerings, we thank you.

To the Shining Ones, the Nature Spirits, and the Ancestors – Kindreds all – for being with us and receiving our offerings, we thank you.

Earth Mother, for your many blessings, we thank you.

Closing the Ways

We call once more to Cernunnos.
Thank you for aiding us in this ritual.

May the cosmic fire be merely this candle.
May the cosmic well return to this water.
And may the world tree recede into this tree.


This rite is ended. May we go in peace and fellowship.


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