2022 Rituals

Update on Rituals

If anyone reading my latest rituals is interested in how I’m planning these rituals and what sources I use for inspiration/prayers/etc, please see my first post here. Firstly, I apologize that I’m so late in uploading my rituals. I will try to be better at that. Secondly, despite my best efforts, it continues to beContinue reading “Update on Rituals”

Druid Moon: Cutios

Preparation: candle, a vessel with water, a symbol of a tree, offerings, items required for the working. Opening[Light the candle and add silver to the cup of water.]Take a breath and put aside any tensions from the mundane world. Know this space is made sacred because we gather here in ritual. Earth MotherEarth MotherNearest andContinue reading “Druid Moon: Cutios”

Rituals for 2022

I’m starting a ritual series because I want more practice in writing liturgy, and because I have the goal of celebrating new moon, druid moon, and solar holidays this year. I probably won’t write most rituals from scratch. But I will mention when I have been inspired by a ritual script or prayer, or whenContinue reading “Rituals for 2022”

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