Dedicant Path

Dedicant Oath

Dedicant Oath Text: “Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Shining Ones, Kindreds all, hear my oath! Gods of the North, hear my oath! I commit myself to the paths of druidry and heathenry primarily. I vow to learn the lore of the ancients. I vow to deepen my knowledge of the ancient ways. And I vow toContinue reading “Dedicant Oath”

Personal Religion

My practice is both Grove-centered and personal. My grove generally worships the Norse gods on the cross-quarter holidays and the fire festivals are for the Celtic gods. We occasionally also worship gods from the Greek pantheon. So my grove sometimes is spiritually fulfilling in terms of the deities worshipped at rites. However, I certainly needContinue reading “Personal Religion”

The Three Kindreds

Spirits The nature spirits are associated with the midrealm, or earth, and they are represented by the Tree. There are many places that are associated with the spirits. Hills might be particularly sacred to beings like the Sidhe or Fairies. And theoretically any rock or lake could be sacred to a particular spirit. The spiritsContinue reading “The Three Kindreds”


In terms of my spirituality and reverence toward the earth: I’m not sure I view the earth as a goddess, per se. I think the larger a spiritual being is, the harder they are for us to understand. I certainly don’t think the earth has a particular care for humans. I really like the ideaContinue reading “Nature”


I did the minimum of 25 weeks of meditation. This happened from the beginning of June to the end of November. However, I have continued with my weekly meditation. At first, I tried doing daily devotions and doing a 2P meditation at every devotion. However, I could not keep up a daily practice. Beginning inContinue reading “Meditation”

Book Reviews

Indo-European Studies BookMallory, J.P. In Search of the Indo-Europeans. Thames and Hudson. 1991. This book is a survey of the linguistic and archaeological evidence to prove the existence and general location of the Proto-Indo-Europeans. Large portions of the book also discuss the various theories, both old and new, about where the PIE’s were located andContinue reading “Book Reviews”

Two Powers

The two powers are the power of fire and water, which are important catalysts in the creation of the cosmos for I.E. cultures. The water comes from deep within the earth. It is nourishing, as the actual waters within the earth are full of nutrients to sustain life. The fire comes from the sun andContinue reading “Two Powers”

Home Shrine

On my shrine there are seven main components. I have a cup with a silver colored Awen symbol in it, for my well. I have a plate with a candle – for my fire – and the symbols of land, sea, and sky (a rock, a shell, an egg). I also have a stick withContinue reading “Home Shrine”

High Days

Winter Solstice The Winter Solstice is midwinter, and it is the shortest day and longest night of the year. And Christmas is one of the most pagan holidays around. The tradition of decorating pine trees, handing mistletoe as well as holly, and celebrating a sort of rebirth (in a son or the Sun, or elseContinue reading “High Days”

The First Oath

I decided to do the First Oath, even though it isn’t really required. I looked at both Our Own Druidry and the First Oath Chant written by a member named Brandon and was inspired to do a similar chant for my first month. The OOD describes the purpose of the First Oath is to make a promiseContinue reading “The First Oath”

The Nine Virtues

Wisdom Definition: “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.” I would say wisdom is ‘good judgement’ in the sense that you must judge situations and people rightly. What I mean by that is that people are imperfect — it’s part of our nature. When we use wisdom to discern how to move forwardContinue reading “The Nine Virtues”

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