Update on Rituals

If anyone reading my latest rituals is interested in how I’m planning these rituals and what sources I use for inspiration/prayers/etc, please see my first post here.

Firstly, I apologize that I’m so late in uploading my rituals. I will try to be better at that.

Secondly, despite my best efforts, it continues to be difficult to do a lunar ritual on the exact day I have scheduled for ritual. I have alarms galore on my phone’s calendar, but it is mostly in vain.

Thirdly, I have restarted the Liturgist Study Program. I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the year, although I might not. In any case, one of the last components of the SP’s first level is to reflect on a weekly practice that you keep for four months.

It’s tempting to say that since I’m doing two lunar rituals each month of this year, I might as well shoot for four lunar rites a month. The ADF Healer’s SIG does Full Moon Healing Rituals, which I’ve really enjoyed. Perhaps I could do a personal healing/working ritual on the full moons. And I’ve talked to members of the ADF Discord and others about last quarter moon ritual ideas. The most intruiging ideas were to do a monthly ancestor ritual or a monthly nature spirits ritual. I’m considering splitting that between the dark half of the year (ancestors) and the light half of the year (nature spirits).

There is also the Heathen weekly ritual Thorshelgd (Thor’s Hallow). You can read more about this modern ritual on Everyday Heathenry‘s blog and Havamal Mama‘s blog. There is also a Facebook Page. One downside to this ritual is that it generally incorporates a meal (like the original Hearth Keeper’s rite), and our evening meals are anything but regular. Between evening classes, my partner’s night shifts, and a severe lack of meal planning, our (especially weekday) evenings are very hectic.

However, the larger problem with adding more rituals to my month is that I’ve found Hearth Keeper Rituals and Druid Moon Rituals quite a handful. I’m considering how to condense these rituals. I don’t think I can cut any workings, as that is an important part of both kinds of rituals. Do I make them less formal? Do I make them non-Core Order of Ritual? Do I give fewer offerings? Use shorter invocations? I don’t know. I don’t know what might be worth changing, if anything.

But if you see big changes in the ritual scripts, it’s because I’m testing things out!


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