February Cross Quarter High Day

This is a Gaulish Spring Cross-Quarter Ritual. I performed this ritual with ADF’s Weekly Online Ritual Group, which is open to the public. Our omen was Ingwaz, Thurisaz, and Algiz (I have yet to buy/make a Gaulish rune set). I interpreted this omen that the deities we called in – Nemetona, Loucetios, and also Cernunnos, respectively, – were with us in ritual, offering their own forms of protection for our homes.

Pre-Ritual Briefing
We will invite the Gaulish deities Nemetona and Loucetios. There are only a few inscriptions of these deities, mostly in Eastern Gaul. From Roman-Gaulish syncretism, we know of several pairs of similar deities that were important to that region. Loucetios (and other Gaulish deities) were syncretized with Mars. And Nemetona was syncretized with Victoria. This ties Loucetios and Nemetona to war and peace, as well as protection and abundance.

Through the etymology, we know that Loucetios’ name comes from the Proto-Celtic word for “bright, shining, and flashing,” and is generally considered to be related to lightning. Nemetona’s name comes from the Celtic word for sacred groves and religious spaces.

The February Cross Quarter often focuses on the home and preparing for the rest of the year ahead. We will call Nemetona and Loucetios to protect our homes as we prepare for whatever goals we’ve set out for the year. This protection will be for the boundaries of our homes, the physical space where we live, and all those who live there with us.

You can read more about Nemetona and Loucetios here:



Initiating Ritual and Purifying Space
We gather to come together to attune ourselves to the cosmos. May we each know that where we gather – wherever we are in the world – is sacred space because we have come together in ritual.

May this bell purify us and ready our minds for ritual.
[Ring bell]

Two Powers Meditation

Earth Mother
Nearest and dearest,
We call to the Earth Mother.
The cold of winter continues now
But the seasons will change as they always do.
Earth Mother, hear us call to you as we welcome you to this ritual.
Earth Mother, accept our offering.

Statement of Purpose
The February Cross Quarter marks the transition between winter and spring. The days are becoming noticeably longer, and we start preparing for the rest of the year in earnest. It is only proper to start our preparations by asking for the protection and the blessings of the deities. In this ritual, we will invite the Gaulish deities Nemetona, goddess of sacred spaces, and Loucetios, the lightning god, to protect our homes and those who dwell within them as the year progresses.

Let us also remember the ADF virtue of Vision. May we consider the version of ourselves that we would manifest in our lives. May we take this time to purify our hearts and minds, moving forward from our pasts and looking to our futures.

Recreating the Cosmos
Let us connect to the sacred center.

The waters support and surround us. The land extends about us. The sky stretches out above us. At our center burns a living flame. And so we stand at the center of worlds in sacred space and sacred time. May our worship be true. May our actions be just. May our love be pure. Let us pray with a good fire.

We call to the Gatekeeper to guide and guard our way.
Cernunnos, Lord of Crossroads
God who sits in-between
You balance opposites
You are a guide in the darkness
Cernunnos, accept this offering and be welcome here.
Aid us now in opening the gates.

Opening the Gates
As we are ritual space and ritual time,
Know that this world reflects the otherworld.
So may this fire become the cosmic fire
May this water become the cosmic well
May this tree become the world tree.
And may our offerings be transformed to spirit.
May the gates be open.

Kindred Invocations

We call to our Beloved Dead,
Ancestors of blood and heart,
Those who have gone before,
We welcome you to our ritual.
Ancestors, accept our offering.

Nature Spirits
We call to the Spirits of Nature,
With whom we share this world,
Those beings of wonder,
We welcome you to our ritual.
Nature Spirits, accept our offering.

Shining Ones
We call to the Shining Ones,
Gods, Goddesses, and Godden,
Beings of blessing and guidance,
Shining Ones, accepts this offering.

Beings of Occasion Invocations

Nemetona Invocation
Nemetona, Lady of the Grove,
You who sanctify spaces, be they groves or alters
You who provide safe space for gathering
Every home is a sanctuary in your presence
The thorn protects that which grows
Hail, Nemetona!

Loucetios Invocation
Loucetios, Lightning God,
You who are Champion,
You who defend from beings of chaos
Every home is safe under your gaze
Bright lights disperse the shadows
Hail Loucetios!

Working: House Protection
Nemetona and Loucetios,
You care for spaces and protect the boundary
You maintain cosmos and give support
We invite you to our homes and ask to guard and defend them.
May you protect the spaces where we each reside
May you defend and protect the boundary of our properties
May you uphold and sustain our homes
May you help us cultivate these spaces into sanctuaries as we move into the rest of the year.
So be it.

Final Offering
If we have erred or offended
Please know it was not intended.
May this final offering set all things right between us.

Let us now take an omen to see what blessings the kindreds will give us.
[Take omen]
Do we pronounce this a good omen? (Y/N)

Blessing the Waters
We have made offerings to the Kindreds, and so we shall ask for blessings in return. This is the nature of *ghosti. We ask the Kindreds for their blessings in our lives. See these blessings fill your cup.

Behold the waters of life!
[Drink blessed waters]

Thanking the Beings of Occasion
To Nemetona and Loucetios,
Deities of protection,
Thank you for being with us in this ritual.

Thanking the Kindreds
To the Shining Ones, thank you for being with us in our ritual.
To the Nature Spirits, thank you for being with us in our ritual.
And to the Ancestors, thank you for being with us in our ritual.

Thanking the Gatekeeper
We call to Cernunnos, the Gatekeeper, once more.
God of thresholds who sits between this and that.
God of liminality and balance.
Thank you for guiding and aiding us.
Help us now to close the gates.

Closing the Gates
We stand in ritual space and ritual time.
But now we must return to the here and now.
May this cosmic fire return to a fire.
May this cosmic well return to water.
May this world tree return to a tree.
Know that our offerings have been transformed.
May the gates be closed.

Thanking Earth Mother
Earth Mother,
You who are dear to us.
We always remain close to you.
Thank you for being with us in our ritual.

This rite is ended.


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