Celebrate Beyond Ritual: NeoPagan High Day Traditions

In the last year, and for much of my time as a Pagan, I have celebrated the High Days, or Neopagan holidays, through ritual. While a lot of what Pagans *do* is ritual, it should by no means be *all* that we do. On the internet, you can find very generic articles about how toContinue reading “Celebrate Beyond Ritual: NeoPagan High Day Traditions”

The Year of Aun, 2023

[First written for Oak Leaves, ADF’s quarterly publication. To be published Spring 2023.] Dr. Rune Rasmussen, The Nordic Animist on YouTube and elsewhere online, has spent several years recreating animist calendars that reflect pre-Christian Nordic cultures and thinking. He had surmised that these groups added an additional year into their calendars, much like we haveContinue reading “The Year of Aun, 2023”

The Real History of the Summer Solstice

Spoiler: It’s not good news. The modern 8 High Days of the Pagan calendar (or wheel of the year) comes from early Wicca, which based much of its traditions from Celtic and occult sources. Over nearly a century, we’ve become better at understanding the practices and beliefs of our pagan fore-bearers, but we can’t simplyContinue reading “The Real History of the Summer Solstice”

How to Make Pagan Offerings: Speaking to the Gods

The thing about polytheism is that there are many (poly) gods. And beyond the gods, there are spirits and ancestors. There are a lot of beings, and it can be overwhelming! So how do you approach the gods and other spirits? Who do you go to in a specific situation? When is a problem betterContinue reading “How to Make Pagan Offerings: Speaking to the Gods”

How to Make Pagan Offerings: Reciprocity and the Cosmos

Pagan ritual is not Christian ritual. And it’s not like any other Abrahamic rituals. To understand why we do what we do in ritual, we need to understand the larger context behind why we do ritual and how to think of ritual. This article will deal with some theoretical concepts. Not every Pagan will agreeContinue reading “How to Make Pagan Offerings: Reciprocity and the Cosmos”