The Real History of the Summer Solstice

Spoiler: It’s not good news. The modern 8 High Days of the Pagan calendar (or wheel of the year) comes from early Wicca, which based much of its traditions from Celtic and occult sources. Over nearly a century, we’ve become better at understanding the practices and beliefs of our pagan fore-bearers, but we can’t simplyContinue reading “The Real History of the Summer Solstice”

Do Your Research! Pagan History and Lore

Back in January, I said I would do a book series, and I made a post about the different kinds of books a Pagan should read. In the meantime, I’ve realized that there is an ableist assumption in focusing so much on books and reading. Really, there’s an ableist assumption in demanding people learn throughContinue reading “Do Your Research! Pagan History and Lore”