Celebrate Beyond Ritual: NeoPagan High Day Traditions

In the last year, and for much of my time as a Pagan, I have celebrated the High Days, or Neopagan holidays, through ritual. While a lot of what Pagans *do* is ritual, it should by no means be *all* that we do. On the internet, you can find very generic articles about how toContinue reading “Celebrate Beyond Ritual: NeoPagan High Day Traditions”

Connect to the Land This Summer

Ah, summertime! Warmth, flowers, fairies, what else do you need? I suspect a lot of us Pagans like to get out in nature in the summer, but how do we bring our spirituality with us? I’m a sucker for learning, so one of my tips is to “learn more,” but keep in mind that learningContinue reading “Connect to the Land This Summer”

Who are the Indo-Europeans?

World Tree Heritage is primarily intended to discuss modern paganisms which have their roots in Indo-European polytheism. I wanted to make this introductory article for anyone who is unfamiliar with this term or has questions about it when they see future references to the Indo-Europeans. Important disclaimer: There have beens heaps of articles and moundsContinue reading “Who are the Indo-Europeans?”