Indo-European Studies 1 (Part 2)

3. From its beginnings, ADF has defined itself in relation to Indo-European pagan traditions. What relevance do you think historical and reconstructed IE traditions from the past have in constructing or reconstructing a Pagan spirituality for the present and future? (minimum 400 words) Neo-Paganism is a modern religious movement. Early Wicca strove to make historicalContinue reading “Indo-European Studies 1 (Part 2)”

Indo-European Studies 1 (Part 1)

Describe several of the factors that define a culture as Indo-European and how those defining factors are useful in understanding that culture. (minimum 300 words) There are several key elements that distinguish an Indo-European culture. First and foremost, there are profound linguistic similarities. As Ceiswir Serith says in Deep Ancestors, “Indo-European” is a linguistic term,Continue reading “Indo-European Studies 1 (Part 1)”