Remembered Ancestors Ritual

Opening: [take a few breaths] I remember the balance between earth and sky. And I take a moment out of the mundane world to give honor to the holy ones. [light candle]

Purification: [mark the candle with the sign of the hammer]

Earth Mother

Earth Mother, you who are the source of all life. You give gifts in every season. I give you love and thanks.

Invoke Kindreds

I call to all the Kindreds: Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Shining Ones. Great and mighty beings, I give you love and honor.

Ritual Center

I call upon my remembered ancestors. I call those who guided me through my childhood and into my adulthood. I call upon those whose stories I know and love.

To my beloved dead,
The ancestors whose smiling faces I recall,
Who taught me, raised me, and cared for me as a child,
Who counseled me, encouraged me, and supported me as an adult,
I give you my love and gratitude.
May my praise nourish you to be well and shining.

To my remembered ancestors,
The ones I only know through story,
Whose lives gave life to me,
Whose stories give me wisdom,
I give you honor and gratitude.
May my praise nourish you to be well and shining.

Thank Kindreds

I give thanks to my remembered ancestors. I give thanks to all the Kindreds. And I give thanks to the Earth Mother. Although I leave this space, I know this world reflects the otherworld. So be it. [blow out candle]


This rite is ended. May I go in peace.


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