September Equinox Ritual

Initiating Ritual and Purifying Space

[Ring bell]

This time is sacred to me, and I honor it. This space is sacred to me, and I honor it. This work is sacred to me, and I honor it. 

Two Powers Meditation / Quieting the Mind

Earth Mother

I call to the Earth Mother. 

She who is nearest and dearest.

Mother of waters, mother of fertile soil, mother of life,

Through your generosity, we flourish. 

Earth Mother, hear me call to you and invite you to this ritual.

Earth Mother, accept this offering. 


Statement of Purpose

The Fall Equinox is the boon of the harvest and a time of liminality. The abundance of the physical world is everywhere, as the Earth gives gifts before her slumber. It is a time of thanksgiving for our many blessings and bounties. 

I take a moment to remember the ADF Virtue of Integrity. This virtue is about holding to your word and fulfilling promises. All beings in this world have responsibilities, and we can see how many plant beings fulfill their duties at this time. We too have responsibilities and must remember our integrity and commitment to our duties. Just as we receive gifts, we must give gifts.“For it is in giving that we receive.” And no relationship is one-sided.

Recreating the Cosmos

The cosmos is vast, but there is a sacred center.

The waters support and surround me. The land extends about me. The sky stretches out above me. And at my center burns a living flame. I stand at the center of worlds in sacred space and sacred time. May my worship be true. May my actions be just. May my love be pure. And may I pray with a good fire.


I call to Nehelennia to aid me in this ritual.

Nehelennia, Goddess of travelers,

Accept this offering and be welcome here.


Aid me and help send my offerings to the otherworld.

Opening the Ways

As I am in ritual space and ritual time,

I know that this world reflects the otherworld.

So may this fire become the cosmic fire

May this water become the cosmic well

May this tree become the world tree.

And may my offerings be transformed to spirit.

Kindred Invocations


I call to the Beloved Dead,

Ancestors of blood, of heart, of bone.

Those who have gone before,

I welcome you here.

Ancestors, accept my offering.


Nature Spirits

I call to the Nature Spirits,

With whom I share this world.

Beings of wonder and mystery,

I welcome you here.

Nature Spirits, accept my offering.


Shining Ones

I call to the Shining Ones,

Gods, Goddesses, and Godden.

Beings of blessing and guidance,

I welcome you here.

Shining Ones, accept my offering.


Beings of the Occasion Invocations

Sif and Thor Invocations

Sif, Grain-Daughter,

Goddess of Shining Hair, 

Goddess of Joined Families, 

Goddess of Hospitality, 

Your hair is like golden wheat in sunshine, 

Your bounty is the gift of nourishment.

Thor, Son of Earth and Sky, 

Thunderer of the Sky

Protector of Midgard,

Defender of the Folk,

Your duties to people you uphold, 

Your protection is a great gift. 

Hail Sif! Hail Thor!



Now I ask for a message from the Kindreds, to see what they have to say and receive their mighty wisdom. 

[Take omen]

Thank you for this message and for your presence in ritual. 

Blessing the Waters

I have made offerings to the Kindreds, and so I shall ask for blessings in return. This is the nature of *ghosti. I ask the Kindreds for their blessings in my life and in this water. 

[Name blessings and visualize them in the waters.]

Behold the waters of life!

[Drink blessed waters]

Thanking the Beings of the Occasion 

To Sif and Thor,

Thank you for your blessings, 

Thank you for your gifts.

Goddess of the Shining Hair, 

Protector of Midgard, 

I thank you for your presence in this rite.

Thanking the Kindreds

To all the Kindreds: the Shining Ones, the Nature Spirits, and the Ancestors, thank you for being with me in this ritual. 

Thanking the Guide

I call once more to Nehelennia

Thank you for aiding me in this ritual.  

Closing the Ways

I stand in ritual space and ritual time.

But I must return to the here and now.

May this cosmic fire return to a fire.

May this cosmic well return to water.

May this world tree return to a tree.

I know that my offerings have been transformed.

Thanking the Earth Mother

Earth Mother, 

You who are dear to me.

I always remain close to you. 

Thank you for being with me in this ritual.


Now, this rite is ended.


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