Nature Spirits Ritual: Weather and Water Spirits

I remember the balance between earth and sky. And I take a moment out of the mundane world to give honor to the holy ones.

Earth Mother, you who are the source of all life. I give you love and thanks.

I see the cosmic well

I see the cosmic fire

I see the cosmic tree, connecting all the realms

And I know that this world reflects the otherworld.

I call to all the Kindreds. I give you love and honor.

I call to the spirits of weather and waters. Beings who nourish and give life to the whole world. Your gifts are life itself, and your cycles move through the land, the sea, and the sky. By your very nature, you are sacred. May your gifts be ever blessings that nourish the soil, the plants, the animals, and the people. 

I give this offering of water to you, spirits of Weather and Waters. Please accept this offering.

I thank the Weather and Water Spirits. And I thank the Kindreds. Although I leave this space, I know this world reflects the otherworld. So be it. Finally, I thank the Earth Mother. Now this rite is ended.

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