Nature Spirits Ritual: The State’s Spirits

I remember the balance between earth and sky. And I take a moment out of the mundane world to give honor to the holy ones.

Earth Mother, you who are the source of all life. I give you love and thanks.

I see the cosmic well
I see the cosmic fire
I see the cosmic tree, connecting all the realms
And I know that this world reflects the otherworld.

I call to all the Kindreds. I give you love and honor.

I call to the Spirits of this land and the Spirits of this State. I honor the Bison and the Piñon Tree as beings who represent the bounty of this land. I honor the Four Watersheds of the state: the South Platte, the Colorado, the Arkansas, and the Rio Grande. And I honor the State’s Spirits:

Greenback Trout
Blue Gamma Grass
Columbine Flower
Claret Cup Cacti
Blue Spruce
Hairstreak Butterfly
Western Painted Turtle
Western Tiger Salamander
Bighorn Sheep
Lark Bunting
Yule Marble

So I give this offering of water to all these honored Spirits. Please accept this offering.
I thank the Bison, the Piñon, the Four Watersheds, and the State’s Spirits. And I thank the Kindreds. Although I leave this space, I know this world reflects the otherworld. So be it. Finally, I thank the Earth Mother. Now this rite is ended.


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