Druid Moon: End of Cold Month

Preparation: candle, a vessel with water, a symbol of a tree, offerings, items required for the working.

[Light the candle and add silver to the cup of water.]
Take a breath and put aside any tensions from the mundane world. Know this space is made sacred because we gather here in ritual.

Gatekeeper and Opening Gates
We call to our Gatekeeper, our Ally, to aid us in this ritual.
Please guard and guide our way.
Gatekeeper, join us and be warmed by this good fire.

As we move into ritual space and ritual time,
Know that this world reflects the otherworld.
So may this fire become the cosmic fire
May this water become the cosmic well
May this tree become the world tree.
And may our offerings be transformed to spirit.

Earth Mother
Earth Mother
Nearest and dearest to us
May we remember your gifts
And seek to bless you in return.
Earth Mother, join us and be warmed by this good fire.

Kindred Invocations
Ancestors who came before,
Join us and be warmed by this good fire.

Nature Spirits, with whom we share this world,
Join us and be warmed by this good fire.

Shining Ones, wise and mighty,
Join us and be warmed by this good fire.

Key Offerings
We call now to the Beings of the Occasion, those Patrons of our rite whom we worship at the heart of ritual.

Alcoi Invocation
Bright twins and brothers
Of both the wild and the tame
Lithe dancers and skilled warriors
Balance is your secret.
Youthful sons of the earth
Your call is both high and low
Two pitches in one voice
In unison, you are increased.
I offer you praise at the turning of seasons
Just as antlers shed in the newness of the year.
Hail the Alcoi!

Cernunnos Invocation
God of liminality,
Sitting at the crossroads
You hold the space between
Both wilderness and civilization.
You hold both torc and serpent
Both bull and deer beside you
You are at the meeting place.
Horned God of Animals,
Bestower of Prosperity,
I give you praise at the changing of the seasons.
Hail Cernunnos!

Take Omen
Let us now take an omen to see if the Patrons of this rite are pleased with our offerings.
[Take omen.]

May these Patrons now aid us in our working.

[Dig up some dirt near your home and put it in a jar. Walk out to an area that is less tame and wilder. Dig up some dirt out there and put it in the jar. Mix the dirt. Walk back to your home and find a tree to bless with some of the dirt.]

Mixed dirt from the wild and tame, from the outside and inside, we bless with [blessings of the omen]. May these blessings also bless this tree, and may it grow in the changing of the seasons.

[Shake out some of the dirt around the base of the tree. Leave some dirt left in the jar and bring it back to your altar.]

Thanking the Kindreds
To the Patrons of this rite, for being with me and receiving my offerings, we thank you.
To the Shining Ones, the Nature Spirits, and the Ancestors – Kindreds all – for being with me and receiving my offerings, we thank you.
Earth Mother, for your many blessings, we thank you.

Closing the Gates
We call once more to our Gatekeeper and Ally.
Thank you for aiding us in this ritual.

May the cosmic fire be merely this candle.
May the cosmic well return to this water.
And may the world tree recede into this tree.

This rite is ended. May we go in peace and fellowship.


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