Druid Moon Ritual: Anagantios

Preparation: two candles, one for the hearth and one for your hand (preferably a Brigid’s candle, which was first lit from the Kildare fire in Ireland or lit from a candle which was lit from Kildare’s fire), and water that is sacred for you.

The Anagantios Ritual is different from other Druid Moons because it is performed at home. To see more about what that looks like, watch this video by Three Cranes Grove: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX71jDbo2KI

First Offering [mine]
Hail, Brigando!
We ask that you be with us in our rite
And bless our home for the year.
Please accept this offering.

Lighting the Flame
[light the first candle]
This flame was kindled in Kildare,
Brought across the Ninth Wave,
And kept here by our hearth.
It is the fire of the goddess Brigando,
The flame of our devotion,
And our own fire.

The Fire from the waters is here.
The Fire from the land is here.
The Fire from the heavens is here.
Born in the Waters,
Kindled on the Earth,
And with a pillar of smoke that supports the Heavens,
This light is our own Fire of Sacrifice.

Blessing Each Room
[go into each room in your home]
From floor to ceiling, from wall to wall,
From [room feature] to [room feature];
In all the cracks and crevices and corners,
This light warms and illuminates all.
Let this light warm and illuminate all who live here or visit here.

Threshold Blessing
[touch sacred water to the threshold/door]
Waters the well up from below,
Waters that rain down from the heavens,
Waters that flow across the earth,
Let all those invited, who enter in peace,
Find welcome and comfort here.

Final Blessing
[light the candle on the hearth/stove]
From hearth to heart, from heart to hearth:
Here we light a candle from this blessed fire for those who dwell here.
This flame is our own flame,
Kindled in Kildare, brought across the Ninth Wave,
And kept here by our hearth.
It is the Fire we share,
And the Fire that has now blessed our homes.

End rite.

This ritual was written by Rev. Michael J Dangler, you can find this ritual script in the Cranes Breviary. I adapted some of the phrasing to fit a solitary practice.


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